Complete Spray Units

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Get a vehicle spray unit to go! Austates’ range of pre-made spray units are simple to install, so you can get a quality spray unit fitted right away. Our spray units are perfect for Pest Control Chemical application, agriculture and landscaping industries and even ute fire fighting units.

Made to fit a range of ute tray configurations, we have options that will slot easily into most dual cab, single cab and extra cab utes, as well as having the ability to be installed into vans.

Austates has 28 years of experience providing spray units and chemical application solutions. That means our vehicle spray units are set up, so all your equipment is just where you need it. We understand the best tank and reel locations and also the best ways to integrate storage toolboxes in with your set-up.

Want something more custom? Austates Pest Control is Australia’s premier manufacturer and supplier of made-to-order vehicle spray units. Give us a call, or fill out our submission form with your spray unit specifications and we’ll get to you right away with a quote.