Trolley Sprayers

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Austates Pest Equipment offers a wide selection of versatile trolley sprayers. These portable spray units are ideal for acreage property maintenance or getting to places where you couldn’t reach via ute. We offer local pick-up and Australia-wide delivery on the ​​silvan trolley sprayer in 25 litre 25V trolley sprayer and 20L upright trolley varieties. If you want to add one of these high-quality spray units to your arsenal, shop now.

Most commonly utilised for: Landscape Gardeners, Pest Control and General Agricultural spraying applications. They provide a consistent, even spray application with minimal overspray, saving time and product.

Pest control technicians and agricultural workers also rely on trolley sprayers for their spraying applications. The consistent spray pattern ensures complete coverage of target areas, while the rechargeable battery eliminates the hassle of fuel and extension cords.
The trolley sprayers feature a large solution tank, powerful spray pump and adjustable spray boom with multiple nozzle options. The heavy-duty battery and charger allow for spraying for up to 1.5 hours. The trolley features large, air-filled wheels for easy manoeuvrability, even over rough terrain.

For acreage owners, a trolley sprayer is a must-have for weed and pest control. Whether spot-spraying weeds in the lawn and garden beds or applying insecticide to trees and shrubs, a silvan trolley sprayer makes the job fast and easy. Trolley sprayers can also be used to apply fertiliser and fungicide applications.

Landscape gardeners find a trolley weed sprayer useful for applying pre-emergent herbicides and fertilising lawns. The trolley weed sprayer units save time by covering large areas quickly and evenly.

Austates Pest Equipment offers a range of trolley sprayer models to suit any application. Contact us today to learn more about our selection of commercial-grade sprayers and other agricultural equipment.

Trolley Sprayer Perks: The Benefits of a Mobile Spraying System

A trolley sprayer is a mobile spraying system that offers a number of benefits for businesses in pest and weed control. Moving sprayers on wheels allow for efficient spraying of large areas without the hassle of dragging hoses. Some of the main perks of investing in a silvan trolley sprayer for your pest control needs are:

Convenience. Trolley sprayers are highly maneuverable, so operators can easily move the sprayer from one area to another. This convenience saves time compared to dragging long hoses around the job site.

Versatility. The mobility of trolley sprayers means they can be used for a variety of applications, both indoors and outdoors. They are suitable for spraying large lawns, gardens, parking lots, warehouses, and other job sites.
Precision. The spray wand and nozzle on a trolley sprayer give operators excellent control over the spray pattern. This precision helps apply the exact amount of chemicals needed to targeted areas.
Labour savings. Since trolley sprayers do not require hoses to be dragged around, they reduce the amount of physical labour for operators. This saves time and effort on every spraying job.