Vehicle Spray Units

Austates has you covered

Your Austates vehicle spray unit is custom-made to your requirements and manufactured to suit the type of work you do.

Whether it’s termite control, domestic ants & spiders, weed control, nursery or farm work, or fire-break maintenance, we can build a unit to suit your needs. Workflow is greatly improved as they are designed with easy accessibility in mind – this makes it easier for you to get what you need without obstruction; and much easier to keep organised and avoid any rooting around trying to find what you are looking for. We work with a range of vehicles, from Spray units for utes to ATV spray units and anything in between.
We can cater to your personal preferences with details such as the positioning of the hose reels – some like to have them accessible from the side, others from the back. When you deal with Austates, the layout is up to you. Your image is improved as the vehicle rigs effectively differentiate you as a serious, well-equipped expert as opposed to your smaller or less equipped competitors. Click here to email us your unit requirements for a quote on your vehicle spray unit.

Benefits Of A Vehicle Spray Unit

Do you want to make life easier and make your work ute seem more professional? Consider getting a custom vehicle spray unit! With it, you’ll never have to stress over looking for something in your ute tray. Everything will be stored exactly where it’s needed.

At Austates we utilise a combination of custom spray systems and storage solutions made specifically for industries that need to transport spraying gear. Our toolboxes are equipped with specific measures to fit spray wands, nozzles, tanks and canisters which may be awkward to stuff into an off-the-shelf toolbox.  

Your workflow will also improve since you’ll be able to choose where to store your equipment. Better yet, your spray equipment can be stored securely and protected from the elements. Good storage means your equipment will last longer. It’s simple. 

Lastly, it reflects well on you as a professional – customers will take the neatness of your ute as an indication of the quality of work they’ll be paying for. Austates’ custom chemical spray units give you the best possible storage and practicality. They make transporting gear and chemical application a breeze. 

Equip Your Work Fleet

Want to get custom spray units for your fleet of vehicles? Austates works with several pest control business owners to provide them with a fleet of vehicles that guarantees all their workers have access to the proper storage and equipment.

So if you want to get several pest control utes or vans fitted out, give us a buzz and we’ll discuss a plan that’s sure to get you the best value.

Did you know the average tradie wastes 2-10 minutes every day looking for the right tool? That might not seem like a big deal, but it quickly adds up to 38 hours a year. Save yourself a whole lot of time – and money – by investing in custom fit out rigs from Austates. Streamline your work ute fleet and get all the tools you need right at your fingertips!