Pest Control Supplies – We’ve Got Your Sorted!

Austates Pest Equipment offers a wide range of high-quality pest control supplies & gear to ensure your business is fully stocked with tried and true equipment. We are a one-stop-shop for pest control technicians that are looking for pest control equipment for sale. We can fully equip a technician or business

We have decades worth of experience in the pest control supplies and equipment industry, meaning when you buy a product from us, you’re getting something that is relied on across Australia. We pride ourselves on stocking gear with a proven history of exceeding the performance of competitors. When other pest control equipment has long since failed, Austates continues to work at full strength.


Our pest control supplies range includes:

Spray Rigs – We can design and supply custom or pre-made spray rigs for utes, ATVs, mowers, vans and any other type of vehicles.
Dusters, Misters & Foamers – Austates Pest Equipment’s misters, foamers and dusters are used to apply pesticides and insecticides. It allows for even coverage of the chemical solution, helping to effectively control and eliminate pests like insects and rodents.
Hoses & Reels – Pest control hoses and reels are used to dispense chemicals to help technicians spray pesticides and insecticides.
Pest Management Accessories – Rodent poisons and baits to control mice and rats.
Pumps – Power your vehicle spray unit with a reliable pump recommended by pest control equipment experts.
Tanks – Store your chemicals and pesticides in a reliable UV-stabilised polyethylene tank. Ranges from 50 litres to 400 litres.
Spray Guns & Nozzles – Get full control over your pesticide or herbicide application with our range of pest control supplies spray guns and nozzles.
Termite Gear – Our termite gear helps apply termiticides that prevent or eliminate termite infestations, protecting a home’s wooden foundation.
Tool Boxes & Storage – We specialise in storage solutions specifically for the pest control industry. However our 100% Aussie-made toolboxes and canopies have been picked up by several other industries because of their advanced durability and quality.

With over 28 years of experience, Austates Pest Equipment provides equipment and pest control supplies to help you manage pest problems in the most efficient manner. Whether you need to control ants, cockroaches, termites or any other common Australian pest, Austates has a pest control supplies solution for you.

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