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Austates Pest Control Equipment triad, reel, sprayer and tank.

Austates Pest Equipment


We are one of Queensland’s most trusted suppliers of pest control equipment. Hundreds of local businesses and professional pest managers trust Austates because, put simply, we produce quality work and stock quality gear.

At the end of the day, Austates will save you money, as you can rely on it to work when you need it to. We understand that you want reliable information and advice, not a sales pitch, and chances are we’ll know exactly the answer to your questions.

What’s more, you’re sure to benefit from the flexibility our products offer. We specialise in custom spray units and storage solutions to suit your needs. Plus, we stock a huge range of other pest control equipment must-haves. No matter what you need to run your pest control business, we’ll give you gear you can count on day after day.

Our lead times are very competitive, so you won’t need to spend a month or two waiting for a custom job to be delivered. With over twenty years of experience in helping people establish themselves in the pest control industry, we’ve provided the right equipment for their needs time and time again.
There’s a lot more to being ‘the bug man’ and that’s why we’re here to simplify the process. We know pest control qualification doesn’t come easy, and that’s why we strive to help technicians get to the next level and avoid buying the wrong tools for the job.

Austates is a well-established company that’s been around since 1993, trading from our premises in Brisbane. ​​If you’re searching for ‘pest control supplies near me’, then let Austates make your pest control equipment shopping simple.

You can feel secure purchasing from us online or alternatively give our office a call if you prefer personal service.

Pesticide Sprayers For Pest Control & Weeds

If you’re looking for reliable and long-lasting chemical sprayers or pesticide sprayers, we have a range of options. From our staple Custom Vehicle Spray Units, to easy-to-carry backpack chemical sprayers or pump sprayers, we have a tried and true option for you.

It’s important that your pest control company delivers the best service possible. As a company that’s been in the industry for over 28 years, we know what pest control equipment & products get the best results. We’re locally owned, manufactured and operated, so if you want to chat about what gear is the best fit for you, just give us a buzz.

For Pest Control Application & Agriculture

Austates Pest Equipment has long been viewed as the go-to solution for users of Spraying Equipment in Queensland and New South Wales. We got our start in the pest control industry, but thanks to our quality application equipment and custom spray units, we’ve become trusted partners of many businesses in the agriculture industry, landscaping industry, as well as a range of other trade professions.

Our custom application equipment builds are perfect for all trades where even and reliable chemical spraying is needed.