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SILVAN Backpack Sprayer – 15L Manual Function

SILVAN Backpack Sprayer – 15L Manual

At Austates Pest Equipment we have found that the ​​Silvan backpack sprayer is one of the most reliable options in the field, which is why it is our chosen portable spray system.


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Silvan Backpack Sprayer 15 litre

  • Professional quality pressure sprayer.
  • Fitted with Viton seals which are suitable for pesticide use.
  • Designed for accurate application of chemicals using adjustable nozzles for spraying from a fine mist to a coarse pencil stream.
  • Stainless steel spray wand
  • Fold away handle can be used on left or right side
  • 5 year structural warranty.

Whether you’re battling weeds or waging war on pests, this professional-grade backpack sprayer has you covered. The Silvan backpack sprayer has a 15-litre tank that lets you lay waste to unwelcome invaders without constantly refilling, while Viton seals ensure any chemical you pump through it stays securely contained. Adjust the nozzle to unleash anything from a misty fog to a piercing stream, then let the stainless steel wand do its work. When the job is done, fold down the handle and stow this sprayer away until the next skirmish. With durable construction built to last through seasons of use and a 5-year warranty for peace of mind, this sprayer helps turn you into a one-person pest control powerhouse. Weeds and insects, be warned—your days are numbered thanks to the hardworking Silvan backpack sprayer.

For Best Practice, Combine Silvan Backpack Sprayer With A Custom Vehicle Spray Unit

Austates Pest Equipment recommends having both a vehicle spray unit as well as a backpack sprayer. The vehicle spray unit allows for large area coverage quickly and efficiently. Its tank holds more chemical concentrate, so it can treat more surface area before needing to be refilled. However, a backpack spray unit offers flexibility for hard-to-reach spots and areas where a vehicle cannot access. The spray wand allows for more precise application of chemicals. Together, these two spray unit types complement each other and ensure technicians have the right tool for any pest control job. Having both options improves efficiency, coverage and the ability to treat a wide variety of pest issues.

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