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Klager Pnuematic sprayer 1L

Pneumatic pump up 1L sprayer.



Pneumatic pump up 1L sprayer.

Manufactured in Germany and fitted with high quality Viton seals, which resist solvents used in many pesticides. Its compact size makes it ideal for use when only small quantities may be required in sensitive areas, when using products such as Seclira WSG (BASF). A 30cm extension wand with a cone spray nozzle is also available, and further improves the versatility of this little sprayer. Can pressurise to 44psi working pressure, and has an in-built safety pressure release valve. This sprayer is also suitable for use with products such as degreaser, turps, diesel, or tyre shine. It is not suitable for use with acids or alkalines, or thick or sticky fluids. Always consult the SDS of the product to be sprayed before use.

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Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 32 cm